meComputers has been a special interest of mine as they surround us and have been incorporated into almost every aspect of our lives. I have paid particular attention to internet applications, computer management and programming. In the topics that were include in my course of study theory of robotics, artificial intelligence, and intelligence systems had been covered. I am currently working on Android applications and I have taken a keen interest in this area of I.T I feel that the Android system offers a programmer a very wide platform by which they can express their creativity and Ideas.



As I.T is a fast pace and in constant growth and flux I am continuously learning and researching. These are some of my skills in I.T and show how I would rate them amongst all of the I.T work that I have done so far.

In the coming year I am hoping to complete my Oracle exams in Java and Oracle Databases, I will also endeavour to complete a course in C++ an C# as these languages are widely used in an array of I.T development projects. One of my long term goals in I.T is to return to my studies part-time in Artificial Intelligence as this is an area that fascinates me and I think it will have a big part to play in the development of the I.T industry.


Operating Systems and tools I am currently using:


Windows 7 + 8.1








Adobe AEM CQ5 + CQ6

Visual Studio C#

Eclipse Luna

Android Studio


Web Expression

SWI Prolog