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I am hoping to enroll into Full Stack Academy preparation boot camp in an effort to complete the course to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of OOP programming, Web Development which includes all server side languages: JavaScript, SQL, AJAX etc. This will be an ongoing development course and I hope to apply the skills I have learned in this to my own projects in the chosen languages I am developing.



I intend to complete Microsoft’s Software Development fundamentals course which will add to the C# programming course i had completed in Queens University Belfast. This course will encompass all of c# fundamentals including Visual Studio as a Development environment.


OCAlogoI am currently studying for my Associate level Certificate OCA Java SE 7 in java programming with Oracle and I am hoping to completed the course of study this summer. I intend to achieve programmer 1 and 2 associate level and carry this further into the professional certificate.

  • Java Basics
  • Working with Java Data Types
  • Using operators and decision constructs
  •  Arrays & Looping Constructs
  • Methods & Encapsulation
  • inheritance, polymorphism, Handling Exceptions




QUBI am currently attending queens University part-time C# programming  course. The aim of this course is to instill the fundamentals of C# programming in each student. The course consists of 12 weeks intensive training covering:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Visual C#
  • C# Object Model
  • Defining Extensible Types with C#
  • Building professional windows 8.1 Applications.