I designed and developed a Java based URL Indexer for my team in Veritas. Developing our technologies offline has its advantages however one big disadvantage I did notice was the time we spent trawling through specif data. I wanted to create something that would half the time it would take us to search through certain files in a given index. The best way to tackle this for the team was to create a GUI and through  File Attribute API’s, &     File. Path display exact URLS and their directories. A simple but very effective program.

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Completed Java Swing Game. This game incorporates all of the main Object Orientated fundamentals: Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, and Inheritence. The package is divided into seperate classes and within each class I created an object of that class which is called into the main game class. I decided to use Java Swing as opposed to Java FX as I feel there is still a need to fully understand this technology as it still remains heavily incorporated into real world applications.

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