mathsgame During my time as a primary school teacher I encountered students that had a difficulty in concentrating on a book or the lesson at hand. Mathematics was a particularly difficult subject to master for them. In this JavaScript program written by John Resig I wrote an algorithm within it that destroys  the users selections upon the the ‘onclick’ method. Each function takes the users selection and each correct selection becomes a grayed out option.



fuel gauge showing and empty tankIn this project I used JavaScript to calculate a user’s MPG and then using that to calculate the users remaining mileage based on what the’re input. I calculated the MPG using the following formula:  Distance 2 – Distance 1 ÷ Gallons. I then used an algorithm that would calculate the remaining miles based on the  amount of Gallons they had used and multiplied it by the’re MPG. In this JavaScript I used Googles ‘geo’ location API to Directly locate them on a map and I included a fusion table of petrol stations throughout Ireland that I created. The Idea was to show the used the nearest filling station to them.